The Story of Elm Tree Electric

The meaning behind company names can be funny.  Sometimes they are created out of practical reasons such as website domain availability or perhaps the founder’s last name.   On occasion they are a play on words like our sister company Lumenate, an outdoor lighting design and installation company.  And on a rare occasion, they can carry far more significance and personal meaning.   For Elm Tree Electric it’s very personal…

Elm Tree’s are notorious for being “strong but flexible”.  They often symbolize the idyllic life, a place of coolness and peace underneath their canopy where you can retreat for when you need to quiet the noise and focus on the most important aspects of your life.  For our founder, Luther Tanley, there is nothing more important and no greater purpose to him than his faith and his family and more specifically his three daughters:

Lola, &

Luther always referenced his daughters as his “metaphorical” ELM Tree.  If you know them, then you know how accurate of a depiction this is.  The fact that their first initials spell ELM simply solidifies the case!  Luther’s oldest daughter Emily thought it would be a great idea for him to get a tattoo of an Elm Tree to always remind him of his “greater” purpose.  While he thought this was a great idea, he realized that a tattoo of a strong and beautiful Elm Tree may one day look like a weeping willow as he aged.  Luther decided to do one better than a tattoo and name his electrical company Elm Tree Electric after his three daughters.

Every morning at Elm Tree Electric, we wake up with a clear purpose for the day.  We work hard for our clients and for our fellow employees.  We consistently strive to exceed expectations with every customer interaction and believe you can receive great service from a provider that you trust and enjoy working with.  And depending on each employee’s task, much like an Elm Tree, we will be “strong but flexible” with the ultimate goal being to help our clients achieve their desired objectives. And when we retreat home to those whom love us the most, “a place of coolness and peace”, we quickly are reminded of the greatest purpose of all, Faith and our Families.



Brad Norton

Head Licensed Electrician

Meet Brad

A highly skilled and dedicated electrician, Brad Norton was born right here in Nashville and is proud to call it home. Driven by a genuine love for the industry, Brad possess an extensive knowledge of electrical systems and a meticulous attention to detail. Whether it's an intricate lighting instillation, advanced diagnostics, or reliable electrical repairs, he approaches each project with a combination of technical expertise and creative problem solving. Brad's ability to understand the vision of his clients and transform it into a reality sets him apart from the rest.

Beyond his electrical expertise, Brad finds immense joy in his role as a father to his son and daughter and spending his free time with Brittney his wife. When not spending time with his family, Brad enjoys staying up to date with the latest advancements in the field of electrical work. His insatiable curiosity drives him to continuously expand his knowledge and skills, enabling him to provide both traditional electrical solutions as well as cutting edge solutions in an ever changing market.  Brad's customers appreciate his promptness, attention to detail and his ability to troubleshoot and solve complex electrical issues efficiently.

Brad Norton embodies the qualities of reliability, professionalism and dedication. His unwavering commitment to excellence in his work and his unyielding devotion to his family make him a valuable asset to both his customers and loved ones.

Professional Electricians That You Can Trust

We promise to provide you with trusted and professional service, always.

About Our Parent Company - Lumenate Lighting

  • We focus on all aspects of outdoor lighting from patio lighting, holiday lighting, smart lighting, to any sort of specialty lighting.

  • With 10+ years of experience, we truly are the top lighting experts and proud of it.

  • We are local, born and raised. If we don’t provide the service you are looking for, we know who does.

  • We do projects as small as replacing a simple fixture to large lighting for estates, municipalities, universities, and everything in between.  No project is too big or too small.

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